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Are you looking for orthotics in Centennial CO?  Orthotics are a great way to help with issues related to walking and alignment. Some of these include but are not limited to knee, foot and lower back pain. The need for orthotics is often related to an issue with the natural functioning of the foot.

Understanding Orthotics in Centennial CO

Orthotics will often help to realign the bones within the foot and ankle and therefore take pressure of other parts of the body such as the back, neck, shoulders and hips. In addition, orthotics will help with distributing your weight properly and take further pressure off of toes, bunions and other parts of the foot.

Orthotics are really for anyone with an issue or discomfort relating to walking or imbalances in the body that are known to cause related pain. The great benefit of orthotics is that they can be worn on a daily basis and be utilized during most activities to take further stress of the body.

Orthotics can often be prescribed by our doctors and can last well over a year in most cases. This is a great investment into your overall health and well being via a biomechanical standpoint.


Stabilizing Orthotics are a great supplement to corrective care and the stabilization of your spine and body, as feet are just the starting point for pain throughout your body.


Stabilizing Orthotics are positioned under your feet to provide you with a more solid, balanced foundation. When your foundation is not balanced it causes postural stress and pain throughout your body.

Solid Foundation

Foot Levelers Stabilizing Orthotics were specially made by a Chiropractor to give your body the customized support it needs. They support 26 bones and over 100 muscles to protect your foundation. Your 3-arched structure optimizes your body by:

  • Giving strength to support the weight of the entire body
  • Allowing sufficient flexibility to accommodate changes in terrain
  • Providing proper momentum for movement

Orthotics; Solution for Many Ailments

  • Balanced standing, walking, running
  • Pain relief
  • Back pain
  • Low back pain
  • Leg length discrepancy
  • Whiplash
  • Shin splints
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Sports injuries

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