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Doctors for Health and Wellness Foundation

Axis Health and Wellness in Centennial CO is a proud member of the non-profit organization, “Doctors for Health and Wellness Foundation.” We support the organization by donating over 120 hours of our services a year, with the goal to educate our community about conservative health and promote a positive, healthy lifestyle in Centennial CO.

Pamper Events

The Pamper Event is our most popular event! We bring in Licensed Massage Therapists to your office and offer all employees complimentary 8 to 10 minute chair massages. There is no better way to show your employees appreciation – and give them a much needed, relaxing break!

Lunch and Learn

The Lunch-and-Learn is a fun, educational way to take a break and enjoy delicious lunch, ON US! Local Dr. Tony Nicholas speaks on various topics, one of the favorites being, “The Four Essentials of Living a Healthy Life.” We bring in an assortment of sandwiches and sides for up to 30 guests. The Lunch-and-Learn is a great change of pace for the office, and of course gets your employees free lunch, and some time away from the desk!

Frequently Asked Questions in Centennial CO

What areas/cities do you donate these events to?

We donate our services to the South-Metro area including but not limited to; Centennial, DTC, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, and Englewood areas.

What is the cost of these events?

All of our Corporate Wellness Events are 100% complimentary, as we are using the hours of services provided to support the cause of the, Doctors for Health and Wellness Organization.

Do you have a 501c3 under the Doctors for Health and Wellness Organization?

Yes, all of our events are under a 501c3, proof upon request.

How many employees can attend the Lunch-and-Learn?

We offer Lunch-and-Learns for up to 30 guests per talk.

How many employees can participate in the Pamper Event?

Depending on the size of staff, we can bring up to 4 Licensed Massage Therapists, and schedule a time frame to ensure everyone has the opportunity for a chair massage. For larger offices, we can split up the event over multiple days.

Will there be a sales pitch?

Of course we love to be able to meet new people, and show them what weare all about! We are never selling anything at these events, our main goal is to spread knowledge and continue to educate on living a healthy lifestyle. Guests who are interested in Axis Health and Wellness will receive a discounted massage coupon, or a complimentary Bodywork Package.

How easy is it to schedule/set up a Corporate Wellness Event?

Super easy! Just contact our Community Outreach Coordinator by calling (303) 221-1185 to schedule your event!

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