Finally active WITHOUT pain!

My problems with sciatica started with the birth of my first born. Pain in my lower back and hips got worse with each passing year. I tried massage therapy which was great but relief was very short lived. Pain meds and muscle relaxants covered the symptoms but didn't fix the problem.

Dr. Tony reviewed my history, ran some tests, and found a 15 degree curve in my lower back. This was from carrying children on my hip for many years!

The damage didn't happen overnight and, while the "fix" didn't happen overnight either, Dr. Tony showed me the path to getting back on track. Together, we trained my body for a "new normal" that has taken me away from pain and back to really enjoying my life. What a gift!

Debbie T

A Happy Convert

A back injury left me in bad shape, but the chiropractor I had been seeing wasn't able to do much for me. A friend suggested I go to Dr. Tony's workshop to meet him and I am glad I did! He is approachable, professional, and thorough. His process was very different from the previous chiropractor and I felt in control and aware of what was going on. He alleviated the pain, the tension headaches, and other issues related to my injury. I love that he explains everything to me and treats me like I matter. What a difference.

Axis Health Patient

Fixed My Frozen Shoulder

I have been amazingly helped by Dr. Tony to recover from a chronic rib issue, frozen shoulder, AND curvature problems in my neck. I continue to see him to ensure that I stay healthy, too. He updates my scans regularly and shows me the proof that we're doing good work together. I've felt SO MUCH better physically since being in his care.


Fixed what 7 Years With Another Doc Didn't

I came to Dr. Tony after having been with another doctor for 7 years. During that time, I learned to manage my pain and had started to come to terms with a significant lean that complicated everything. Dr. Tony examined me, showed me the scans, and then explained how his specialization is actually 100% focused on restoring structure and balance. My lean is gone. My knees don't hurt anymore. He even addressed neck problems I had forgotten about! I can't recommend him enough.


Helped me get back to life after a car accident left me in bad shape

After a serious car accident, it didn’t take me long to realize that my back and neck were seriously out of whack. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so after several weeks of dealing with the pain, I decided to go with my friend - who was also in the car during the accident - to see Dr. Nicholas.

From the beginning, he took the time to sit with us and listen to the exact account of the accident and all of our symptoms. X-Rays of my back and neck showed why I was in such pain. We started a treatment plan that started with a focus on pain relief. After following Dr. Nicholas’ treatment plan, new scans showed dramatic improvement. My pain levels have dropped dramatically and I continue to feel better with each visit.

I am now a true believer in Dr. Nicholas and have made chiropractic care a part of my health care routine for my whole family. Thank you for giving me the freedom to play with my children again!

Katelyn , Patient of Axis Health & Wellness

I'm a Believer!

Dr. Nicholas has made a significant positive impact on my quality of life! Prior to seeing Dr. Nicholas I lived with a lot of daily pains which began in early childhood and were accompanied by bouts of insomnia. I had seen many different MD’s and tried several prescriptions but the prescriptions would only help temporarily and usually had more significant side effects. I never had a concrete diagnosis, just suggestions of possibly this, possibly that, but in the end I felt the MD’s thought my pain was all in my head, remembering the conversations with DR’s suggesting this to my mother and in my adulthood being told “You’re young and healthy, there is no reason you should be in this pain.”

After a simple observation by Dr. Nicholas at my company’s health fair where I stepped on what looked like a scale and had my shoulders and hips lined up with string on some sort of contraption, it was evident there may be an issue with my spine. I was extremely skeptical at first, hearing all the hoopla around chiropractors, but I decided to give it a try as Dr. Nicholas seemed positive he could help. I was truly amazed at how fast my symptoms began to fade. It has been almost a year since I have started to see Dr. Nicholas and I have to say I have only had a few migraines and my hands and feet no longer feel cold and tingly all the time. My circulation has improved as well as my back, neck, and leg pains and I haven’t had a single bout of insomnia. I am now a believer in the chiropractic field and in Dr. Nicholas.


Allergy Relief WITHOUT Pills

After suffering from allergies for many years, I FINALLY found relief through Dr. Tony's care. I tried everything from OTC meds to immunotherapy but was only ever able to mask the symptoms for a while. I no longer need allergy meds, my sinus headaches are gone, and I love being outdoors!

Axis Health Patient

The Best Experience

I have been able to prioritize my overall health and wellness now that I see Dr. Tony. I'm comfortable going to his office; everyone remembers who I am and they make sure I am getting the most out of my care. If you think that a chiropractor is a scary experience, you haven't met Dr. Tony and his team. This is the best health experience I have ever had, bar none.


Never Been Healthier!

I have been a patient of Dr. Tony's for nearly a decade now! I met him when I was in pretty bad shape; bronchitis had turned into walking pneumonia that was going strong for nine weeks. After my first session with Dr. Tony, he helped me see the issues in my spine that were contributing to my poor health.

By the end of the first week of care, my pneumonia started to finally clear up; he addressed what my medical doctors couldn't. Since then, I have never had more than a mild cold, either! His continued care is all about keeping me in optimal health so that I can enjoy my life and not be stopped by illness or preventably injuries.

Axis Health Patient

He Keeps My Family Going!

I started bringing my twins to see Dr. Tony when one had bladder issues and the other was hyperactive and unruly. Dr. Tony showed me where the issues were and explained his method. He updated me with new scans to show progress, but I could already see a big difference with my kids. Today, my children are athletic teenagers who rely on Dr. Tony to maintain healthy knees, backs, and shoulders so that they are at the top of their game.

Axis Health Patient

In Severe Pain for 4 Years

From the moment I started seeing Dr. Tony, I had a feeling I was in good hands! I had severe back pain and was told that there was little that could be done. I dealt with that pain for FOUR YEARS. I felt extremely hopeless until a friend recommended Dr. Tony. After a brief exam and consultation, he showed me how his specialization could actually make a difference. Within only a few weeks, my pain was gone. I finally felt like myself again. I am FOREVER grateful!


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